Measurement Matters

– writing a book about the value of communication and engagement research

Statistics solved

Posted by susanewalker on March 1, 2012

Well, perhaps not solved but I think we are finally there. This has certainly been the most difficult chapter…I did send it to another communicator who said that she found it very helpful but parts she did not understand at all – but she then said perhaps that was the point, that statistics are very complex and people should realise that. But I do think that at last we have a balance between accuracy and comprehension – thanks to statistician Ken Baker. I met up with him a few years ago as a stats expert – and we realised to our amazement that we had been at school together! 


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Great case studies

Posted by susanewalker on February 28, 2012

Draft 2 due on 5th March and busy now chasing up some great case studies. Glad that Kogan Page wanted me to add to the original – I may have missed out on these examples. Theory is good but hearing about practical examples makes this come alive…just had the OK on a good example of return on investment – a controversial subject as some peopel seem to think it cannot be done – but it can as this examplee will show…

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International input

Posted by susanewalker on February 23, 2012

In revising my first draft am aware that it is rather UK based and am now building up some international perspective…this is mainly thanks to my IABC contacts worldwide – so now have input from  India, Brazil, Russia and Nigeria – China proving more difficult! Not really in depth studies but a useful perspective on employee and communication research outside the so called western world…

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Back to work…

Posted by susanewalker on January 21, 2012

Next task will be the review my draft to update before sending off to Kogan Page for their input and constructive criticisms (which am looking forward to). It is easy to be so familiar with your material that comments that seem clear to you may be obscure to others. That’s where feedback is so valuable – makes you look at what you have written again to make it comprehensible to the reader…

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Publication go!

Posted by susanewalker on January 11, 2012

Good news – book to be published by major  business publisher Kogan Page late 2012. I need to get more of an international dimension so have some interviews organised and also stronger input from HR…next on my list!

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Time can tell…

Posted by susanewalker on December 8, 2011

I’m firm believer in the power of a good editor – it is always hard to edit one’s own work…however, I’ve found that putting it aside for a while has made it much easier to be self-critical. Because you can’t recall your own thinkng it means you can suddenly ask yourself – what is meant by that? could be more succinct? Not easy to understand the reasoning – so currently doing a self-edit before the professionals take over…

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Back on the case at last…

Posted by susanewalker on December 1, 2011

“What happened to your book?” A question I have been asked many times in the past year…having come across problems (I won’t bore you with the details) I became so frustrated I put the whole book in a drawer and shut it! But now persuaded to return by friends and colleagues I have opened the drawer and back on the case! So more news shortly after I have dusted off the pages…I(I’m talking about the printed out version of course!)

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After a pause,,,

Posted by susanewalker on June 2, 2010

Having sent the first draft to the publishers I took a short pause from writing my book about internal research. This gave me the opportunity to reflect (as well as check the copy with those I had interviewed).  A number of other ideas emerged (to be incorporated) and also a feeling that I should be more “up front” in the introduction about the poorresearch that is around…I believe that this pause will – I hope – improve the final version but also emphasised that as a colleague reminded me – one should set a date to say “enough”…otherwise redrafting would go on forever.

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First draft finished..

Posted by susanewalker on April 6, 2010

At last the first draft is with the publishers – later than anticipated but that is probably always the story! One great help was advice from others and also comms colleagues who read sections and came up with some constructive comments…thank you!  I still have all the appendices to do – my plan is to see the book as a gateway to further information as this field is never static. Which is another reason for the hold up – each time I thought I had completed the draft I read another book or saw another website…and there are still some new concepts I have not included…back to the draft I think! The latest book was Daniel Pink’s Drive which has some interesting ideas about motivation.

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Planning the action…

Posted by susanewalker on March 17, 2010

This should be the easy section for me as it was due to my work on the action planning when I was communication manager that I was invited to join MORI’s comms and HR research practice. But it wasn’t. There was almost too much material and I found it hard to bring order to many ideas and create a consistent theme…One problem is that aspects of measurement are not consecutive but concurrent so it is only when the whole is read that it makes sense…action planning, for instance, should be there from the beginning. In fact I am a believer in starting with the end and envisaging the presentation before embarking on any planning. Now the main three sections – basics, strategy and action have been drafted I am moving on to the “conversations” with professionals in the field so the book is not just my own thinking but listens to others…

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