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Brazil perspective

Posted by susanewalker on July 22, 2012

One interesting aspect of the international input is that we all seem to share many of the same issues – of course some are individual depending on the culture and business environment. “Employee surveys are becoming increasingly common in Brazilian companies ‘‘ reports Paulo Soares, ABC, corporate communications general manager at Vale, the second largest mining company in the world with headquarters in Brazil. He tells us that  conducting internal surveys is seemingly simple; the challenge lies in making a strategic use of the results. In this respect, many Brazil companies still have a good way to go he says – which is true of many organisations worldwide.



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Now the page proofs

Posted by susanewalker on July 17, 2012

Well, getting there…now the page proof stage so need some eagle eyes to spot the inconsistencies (too late for any radical overhaul). But interesting that the Kogan Page proof reader questioned the meaning of one para – and that is the very concept of key drivers that it is often hard to explain clearly. It took me some time to rewrite more clearly (including n inspiration flash in the middle of the night).

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