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On to the next stage

Posted by susanewalker on March 7, 2012

Just sent the next draft to my editor at Kogan Page, Martina, and meeting her next week for next comments. This current draft incorporated her previous suggestions plus the case studies I have added plus a few more aspects. The difficulty is to know here to draw the line – the more one looks into these subjects the more one finds.  Latest is an interesting article about how closely well-being is connected to engagement – just enough time to add in a reference to this – but where to draw the final line under the last chapter. Or perhaps for version 2 in the future…


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Statistics solved

Posted by susanewalker on March 1, 2012

Well, perhaps not solved but I think we are finally there. This has certainly been the most difficult chapter…I did send it to another communicator who said that she found it very helpful but parts she did not understand at all – but she then said perhaps that was the point, that statistics are very complex and people should realise that. But I do think that at last we have a balance between accuracy and comprehension – thanks to statistician Ken Baker. I met up with him a few years ago as a stats expert – and we realised to our amazement that we had been at school together! 

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