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Planning the action…

Posted by susanewalker on March 17, 2010

This should be the easy section for me as it was due to my work on the action planning when I was communication manager that I was invited to join MORI’s comms and HR research practice. But it wasn’t. There was almost too much material and I found it hard to bring order to many ideas and create a consistent theme…One problem is that aspects of measurement are not consecutive but concurrent so it is only when the whole is read that it makes sense…action planning, for instance, should be there from the beginning. In fact I am a believer in starting with the end and envisaging the presentation before embarking on any planning. Now the main three sections – basics, strategy and action have been drafted I am moving on to the “conversations” with professionals in the field so the book is not just my own thinking but listens to others…


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What makes employee research different?

Posted by susanewalker on March 4, 2010

What makes research among employees different from other research? There are four main factors:

• The audience may have a varied profile but is one community with a common interest in their organisation

• Deep understanding of that organisation, its business, market, culture and people is essential

• Its purpose is to listen, interpret, give feedback and develop ways to bring active improvements

• There is no end point: it can, and should, form a continuing close relationship with all in the organisation

When I was asked the question it made me realise that one can be so close to the topic that you don’t ask the obvious question. I would say that it combines research and consultancy (but of course other research areas might claim that) and Ii outlined the above for my book. What do you think? Anything to change/ add?

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