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Getting social

Posted by susanewalker on May 1, 2013

I realise that not only have I not kept my blog up to date but also – as a friend reminded me – Ii should have been using social media more to talk about my book.It’s difficult to distinguish information from self-promotion but I do feel that my book makes some important points. I was thinking about the basic measurement section the other day when I saw three very basic errors in a questionnaire for an event. 1. Asking about information sources the official website and twitter were put together- ouch! Quite different so they will never know to what extent their website was used. 2. Asking about use of local facilities visited before the event. – what about after the event? Much valuable info lost there.3. What do you like/dislike? So when you get the answer did they mean they liked it? or the opposite? Really brought home the importance of thinking through questionnaire design…


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Silence isn’t golden

Posted by susanewalker on April 30, 2013

Quite a while since I posted last – now I feel guilty so really must update. My book launch went well and I was delighted that my old boss and mentor at MORI – Sir Robert Worcester was able to be there. And in his speech he also gave me some good advice on what to include in the second edition….when Kogan Page originally mentioned a second edition I could not think what to add – but ideas and innovations move on so fast I can already think of quite a few aspects I should have included – but next time! Imageted

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Book publication day 3rd November!

Posted by susanewalker on November 1, 2012

At last – publication date 3rd November (and 15 December USA and rest of the world). Have seen the first copy – people have asked how long it took – hard to assess as some weeks it was all day and others perhaps an hour or so. But I do note that my first blog here was nearly two years ago. I estimate about three solid months – but perhaps longer…

Interview Friday 2nd on simply-tv (regular monthly programme from Simply) you can register (free)  on:

Some great interviews – highly recommended – and it’s free.

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Brazil perspective

Posted by susanewalker on July 22, 2012

One interesting aspect of the international input is that we all seem to share many of the same issues – of course some are individual depending on the culture and business environment. “Employee surveys are becoming increasingly common in Brazilian companies ‘‘ reports Paulo Soares, ABC, corporate communications general manager at Vale, the second largest mining company in the world with headquarters in Brazil. He tells us that  conducting internal surveys is seemingly simple; the challenge lies in making a strategic use of the results. In this respect, many Brazil companies still have a good way to go he says – which is true of many organisations worldwide.


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Now the page proofs

Posted by susanewalker on July 17, 2012

Well, getting there…now the page proof stage so need some eagle eyes to spot the inconsistencies (too late for any radical overhaul). But interesting that the Kogan Page proof reader questioned the meaning of one para – and that is the very concept of key drivers that it is often hard to explain clearly. It took me some time to rewrite more clearly (including n inspiration flash in the middle of the night).

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New ideas all the time…

Posted by susanewalker on June 15, 2012

As mentioned before on this blog, can see that a major challenge is to “stop”. Just been to two excellent events – AM an IABC event updating on the Macleod report on engagement which is now moving into its action phase. PM a Tomorrow’s Company event which looked at value and values – the main speaker was very thought provoking and not afraid to speak of spiritual and ethical matters in a business environment. So with every day my book looks as though it needs an update! But that just is not possible – I have put in weblinks in the appendices so readers can keep up to date with the latest thinking…

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Posted by susanewalker on May 18, 2012

Text now with the copy editor so a pause. But here’s the rub – keep seeing very interesting topics that would like to include – I was told that one has to draw a line  at some point but that is a challenge with new exciting research and ideas popping up all the time…I believe I am allowed to make a few changes so we will see! Kogan Page have developed a great “bookmark” for me which I will take along to the IoIC conference next Friday 25th May when am speaking about peak peformance in measurement…

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Perspective from India

Posted by susanewalker on April 10, 2012

Thanks to help from Bish Mukherjee, ABC,  president of PR firm Misha Network in India, some interesting comments from Dr Rajeev Kumar, ABC, regional manager media in the Tata Group Corporate Affairs Department in my international section. Interesting that worldwide two issues are consistent: at the start: persuading senior management that investing in engagement and communication research pays off and at the end: ensuring that effective action is implemented.

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At last! Book with publisher

Posted by susanewalker on April 9, 2012

On 10th March 2012 my book on employee engagement and communication research finally sent to the publishers. This incorporated the helpful comments from Kogan Page commissioning editor Martina O’Sullivan who gave me feedback on the earlier drafts. In addition to the various conversations with experts in their field, I have now included a number of case studies of good practice employee research projects. At one point I was concerned that these case studies might be too similar but in practice each has an individual and interesting story to tell. There are two which are anonymous – one I hope will give permission as it reflects well on the organisation in addressing an issue  but I think the other firm’s name should not be revealed – the case study is interesting but does not reflect as positvely and that example is more important than a name….

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On to the next stage

Posted by susanewalker on March 7, 2012

Just sent the next draft to my editor at Kogan Page, Martina, and meeting her next week for next comments. This current draft incorporated her previous suggestions plus the case studies I have added plus a few more aspects. The difficulty is to know here to draw the line – the more one looks into these subjects the more one finds.  Latest is an interesting article about how closely well-being is connected to engagement – just enough time to add in a reference to this – but where to draw the final line under the last chapter. Or perhaps for version 2 in the future…

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